Spero Pagos


Getting into real estate in 2011 after the collapse of the real estate bubble would have been a non-starter for some. “I saw it as an opportunity,” says Spero Pagos. “I’m a big believer in making a year-by-year plan. So I visualized the life I wanted, and then I set about making it happen.” 

Although Spero jumped in at the worst time, by year two he was the top-listing agent in his ZIP code. He won “Rookie of the Year” while attracting a clientele of successful, business and professional people, buying and selling homes at the mid to higher end of the market. From 2012 to present, Spero was able to increase his share from 8 percent to 20 percent in his primary market, an achievement many agents strive for and few accomplish. He listed homes significantly higher than similar properties and he sold them successfully. Says Spero, “In recent years my clients made on average $40,000 to $80,000 more than comparable houses.” As a result of Spero’s knowledge of the local market and the emerging trends, he was able to ask for and get the most money possible for his clients.” In a short time, the marketplace rose to meet this new level. 

Successful realtors make friends within their communities. Gaining credibility and building a customer base had its challenges. “I had always wanted a dog and I needed to meet people, so I did both.” Once again, Spero did a visualization board of what he wanted. “The dog I imagined had to be medium-sized and friendly. It had to be well behaved, a non-chewer and hypo-allergenic. Within 30 days, I found Oliver.” A stray with no tag or chip, Oliver needed a home and Spero had found his dog. “Not only did I find Oliver,” he says, “but he checked all the boxes!” 

Spero and Oliver went about making friends. “Everywhere we went,” Spero says, “we made contacts…with homeowners who wanted to sell at a better price and with buyers who wanted a great home.” The stats tell the story; Spero was able to list homes by as much as $100,000 higher than anybody else. With most of his sales in the top 10 percent of the marketplace, Spero did well and so did his clients.

When asked what it takes to deliver results for his clients, he believes presentation of the home is everything. “I go through each room,” he says. “I position the house to sell.” That means de-cluttering and staging, which Spero oversees. Professional photos are another key element. “A well-staged and beautifully photographed home can be listed higher which always results in a better offer.” For the past five plus years, Spero has sold more homes in his ZIP code than any other real estate agent. 

On a personal note, Spero is a respected member of his community. He regularly contributes to the local schools, has adopted a neighborhood street, which he is happy to clean on a regular basis. Spero is a generous sponsor of his HOA neighborhood activities and is frequently asked to share his road-to-success story to new agents.