"I have worked with Spero twice now in the last few years, with the second and most recent time demonstrating exactly why it was the right choice to work with him again. Before I had messaged Spero to put my house on the market, similar homes were trending at $295-305K and so I was hoping, with a best-case scenario to get $305K. We were able to discuss the market, trends, and what small but effective improvements I could do to maximize the value. The interior received fresh paint, cleaned carpets and was set up to be show ready. The listing and pictures really made my home stand out above the others. From the very beginning Spero had aimed for a high sale price and exceeded every one of my expectations. He employed an aggressive pricing strategy that ultimately led to me selling for $20K over what I had expected. He doesn’t look for any buyer…he looks for THE buyer for your home – the buyer that will see the more value in your home. I had previous experience of working with Spero and I knew exactly why I wanted him to sell my home. He is someone you want on your side – whether buying or selling – because he is the best person to help get you what you want…and more!"